EMS Dashboard is the online application that generates data in a simple way and translates it into management solutions. EMS Dashboard provides information regarding the use of the number of man hours, the material and equipment. By using EMS Dashboard to correctly coordinating these components, you can save energy and raw materials that are necessary for the management of your terrain. We would be happy to explain the possibilities.

Direct overview with the EMS Dashboard

The starting screen can be filled by yourself with elements which you want to focus on in the management. This can be financial information, planning, weather, machine failures, etc.

Planning and time registration

Make simple week planners for personnel, herbicides (pesticides) and fertilisers and machines. Copy weeks and make use of Quicktasks to speed up planning. Including time registration, year planning and capacity planning.


To measure is to know. In the monitoring module you have a powerfull tool with which you can register a large range of elements. Gain insight into your results and make your quality measurable! It is also possible to make links from this module to other systems through API’s. To avoid double work and data input.

Basic functionalities

Whichever configuration you choose, you will, in any case, be able to use the following components: document management, internal messaging, support chat and user settings. You will be able to set up an unlimited number of users.

Personnel registration

A detailed overview of the hours worked and the hours taken as leave is important for you and your staff. This way you can limit the build-up of overtime and can ensure sufficient capacity throughout the year.

SMART Project management

We often lose ourselves in the short-term problems while we would like to focus on long-term improvements. With the module project management, you can formulate SMART projects, that are linked to monitoring, but also to the week planning. Easily involve other people in the project and evaluate interim progress of effort and result.

Your terrain in the picture with Management groups

For every management group (greens, tees, planting areas etc.) you will be able to see which type of management has been carried out and what is planned. From clear graphs, you will be able to follow the quality of the work.

GIS/mapping for the correct areas

The integration of GIS is unique. The detailed maps provide simple insights in areas, targets per management type and registered hours or fertilisation products at a specific location.

Inventory management

In a clear overview, EMS shows the current inventory of herbicides (pesticides) and fertilisers and machine parts. In addition, this modules has a fertiliser registration.


By preparing your annual budgets in EMS, you are able to see which items are over budget.

Manage machine park better and cheaper

In machinery you determine the times for service and maintenance of your machines. This component gives you insight into the costs and the times that your machines need replacing. Including complete registration of service and maintenance.

Prepare a complete year plan in 20 minutes

Start the year on the right track with a year plan in which you can enter all the activities. On the bottom line, you will see immediately how much capacity in hours you have left. The year plan is linked to your week planning which also simplifies this considerably.


Integrate current data, such as ground temperature, moisture measurements, dewpoint and other data directly into your EMS dashboard.
With sensorsuite, you are completely ready for the future. The sensorsuite offers you the opportunity to link directly to data sources and link these to your own registrations. This way, the most current information is always visible on your dashboard. This includes climate data, evaporation figures and ground temperature.

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